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A discussion of issues affecting franchisee operators in the Subway franchise system and how the system may be improved. If you have any comments and wish to contribute to this web page; feel free to email the author.

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Tuesday, April 13, 2004

One of the most important activities a franchisee can do it support the franchiser and the brand. After all, why would any sane person devalue their substantial investment. Any criticism can result in a diminished value as prospective investors are turned away and do not pursue their dream of owning a Subway franchise.

Let me assure anyone reading this that the fundamentals of the Subway system is strong and you will most likely see a good return on your investment. At the same time I can not say how any one individual may fare with their investment as there are too many local and personal factors at play which may affect your specific situation. (My disclaimer!)

Why would I therefore spend time writing when the best thing would be to just lay low and say and do nothing? It is quite simple; I believe that the franchise can be improved! It used to be that we as franchisees had more of a voice in affecting policy and procedures within the system. Well, that was at least the perception. As the franchise grew it became more centralized and less reflective of the views of the major investors, the franchisee. In a public corporation one can buy shares in the corporation and have a say as to who runs it and how they run it. At present there is absolutely no way that the franchisee can influence the corporation. In response to this situation a franchisee association was formed, North American Association of Subway Franchisees, NAASF.

More to follow.. Stay tuned.


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