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Sunday, April 18, 2004

Well, I got some mail! Only up a few days with very limited exposure and I'm getting mail, wow. Here is an excerpt of the latest email, I have deleted the name and address to protect the privacy of the sender. I will not include this unless specifically asked to do so:

"I have been with Subway for 6 years and I am pleased for the most part; however, over the past year I feel that DAI has not put forth nay [SIC] ideas that have been to my benefit. Toaster ovens, increased hours of operation, getting in bed with Atkins, the 1% increase in FAF funding none of this has helped or will help me.
I think we need more direct action- petitions, etc. to get the word to DAI that they have lost the backing of the owners. I for one will not be funding my account for the toaster ovens any time soon. Maybe we could suggestion that nobody fund their account? Short of that maybe we could get DAI to buy our stores and assume some risk. If I can help let me know

To answer your question, you have helped by participating in the information on this web site, thanks. Please feel free to offer any more suggestions.

I'm hoping that more people will send messages and offer any suggestion as to how to get DAI to take notice of the franchisee.


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