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Friday, February 04, 2005

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Blogger Chicago Franchisee said...

I enjoy reading your comments.
I have been a Subway franchisee for 17 years. My DA doesn't have a clue on store profitability or lack of. When he saw sales were increasing with Jared commercials, they added 100 stores to the market. Guess what happened to our sales? Now hardly anyone is making any money. My DA thinks he can run the local FAF board. His answer to increasing sales is the $2.49 daily special. Now one third of my business is daily specials and a free cup of water.
I oppossed the loyalty program, and now I'm being marked out of compliance for minor violations.
I guess they must document in order to get rid of me. They must need the transfer money.
There is no loyalty in this company.
It's all for the DA and screw the franchisee.
I hope Fred buys the area from my DA as he has done in an adjoining
area. Things are much better in that area.

2:53 PM  
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