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Thursday, May 20, 2004

This is just a short update with some information pulled of the internet for your information and amusement (I will continue with my post as soon as I have some time):

To get your attention:

"Fuck Subway," an uncharacteristically belligerent Fogle said at the press conference with a dismissive wave of one of his massive arms. For full text go to this link - click here.

"Shame Shame Shame on you. Bathroom doors were locked by employees to keep college students from entering facilities. The paying customers were locked out as well. We were told during our meals that both restrooms were out of order." To go to the web page with more interesting comments click here.

"Do you like Subway? Do you wanna start eating there for almost free?" A how to eat, almost, for free at any Subway - click here to go to full story.

Now, for a bit of a different tack on Subway related things; "Click on food for nutrition facts & analysis" Go here for the link.

Here is a endorsement for the new salad and other Subway menu items:

"The line of Fresh Salads is only a part of Subway's revamped menu. Some of the items are new, some are improved, some are just reworked. For example, the old Steak and Cheese Sandwich is now called the Philly Cheesesteak.

The big, big news at Subway is around the corner, a few months away. The country's biggest fast food chain is installing toaster ovens, so you'll have the option of hot versus cold sandwiches." Click here for the full story.

Did you think Subway and Starbucks were similar?

"What bugs me about the Subway v. Starbucks problem is that I can't see any reason to believe that Subway's transaction cost schedule is going to differ from that of Starbucks. The businesses are essentially identical; yet, the business model is quite different." Click here for the link.

Here is a link to a PDF file from the The International Franchise Association Symposium Legal Symposium. Bed time story for some I'm afraid but very interesting for others. Linky Linky Here.

That's all for tonight folks. Take care.


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