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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

I just received this email from Subway:

Via email:

October 4, 2005

RE: http://

Dear Mr.,

As you know, Doctors Associates Inc., a Florida corporation (“DAI”) is the
owner the trademark SUBWAY®, registered at the United States Patent and
Trademark Office, under number 117460, among other registrations. On June
5, you entered into a Franchise Agreement with Subway Franchise
Systems of Canada, Ltd an affiliate of DAI. DAI has been informed that you
are operating a website, or weblog
Your Blog contains proprietary information such as the strategic plan,
confidential communications from the legal department, proprietary trade
secrets, information from the operations manual, and training materials,
among other confidential information.

Your operation of this web log and disclosure of proprietary information is
an infringement upon DAI’s Federal and Common law trademark rights and in
violation of your Franchise Agreement. You are hereby officially put on
notice that you are infringing upon DAI’s rights, and DAI demands that you
immediately cease and desist from operating this web log, that includes
proprietary and confidential information.

All of this must be accomplished within 48 hours of the date of this letter.
Failure to properly incompletely remove this web log from the worldwide web
and the information contained thereon will result and immediate commencement
of legal proceedings.

Please also note that there are venus available to express your opinions,
and discontent the system. You may voice your opinions to your Development
Agent, there is a secure location in the NAASF, and you may also contact the
Obudsman Department, at headquarters.

Kindly confirm receipt of this letter and confirm that you will comply with
the demands and contained herein. You may contact me at, or by facsimile at 203-876-6690.

Very truly yours,

Valerie Pochron
International Legal Department
Doctors Associates Inc.
CC: Kristin Corcoran, Jennifer Magyar, Jillian Edo

Very Truly Yours,
Eliza Gonzalez - Legal Assistant
Legal Department
Doctor's Associates Inc.
p:(800)888-4848 ext. 1563

The information contained in this e-mail and attachments, if any, is
confidential and may be subject to legal privilege. If you are not the
intended recipient, you must not use, copy, distribute or disclose the
e-mail and its attachment, or any part of its content or take any action in
reliance of it. If you have received this e-mail in error, please e-mail
the message back to the sender by replying and then deleting it. We cannot
accept responsibility for loss or damage arising from the use of this e-mail
or attachments, and recommend that you subject these to your virus checking
procedures prior to use. Thank you.

It seems that Subway is upset that I have the tenacity to post any information on the activities of this organization.

As such, as I have not the financial resourced nor the will to fight - and they know this, I will have to suspend this web site.

Take care

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