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Saturday, December 17, 2005

My Subway store is a cash cow, so why am I selling?

It has come to this that after 15 years in the Subway system I have started actively trying to sell my remaining and first Subway store. The store is very nice, well maintained and sales are up over 20% over the same period last year. It is even classed as a high volume store.

I have no reason to sell other than I have high standards of morality and expectation from my associates, in this case Doctor's Associate Inc (DAI). DAI has been less than honest and reasonable in dealings with me, and others, over the past few years. Subway used to be a great place where there was a family atmosphere. We did not always agree but we worked together to achieve a good working environment, to be benefit of all.

Now, if you have a disagreement with DAI you will receive a termination notice in the mail. You don't get any contact or discussion on any topic but just, to paraphrase; we are not happy with you and want you to give the store to some other poor soul who will be more compliant.

There is no sit down to determine any solution to any perceived problems. There is no appeal to any independent third party. All decisions for termination originates with a field consultant who works for DAI. The reports which are sent to DAI, based on monthly visits, are inaccurate and full of errors and exaggerations. There is little consistency between store evaluations as most of the data is subject to personal opinions.

I'm tired of working as a serf for a king who is not accountable to anyone except his own court. Money is not the 'be all and end all' as there is a life outside Subway.

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