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Sunday, November 20, 2005

Here is a picture of the recent activities on my blog site. As you can see visits and page views are continuing to grow.

The most interesting are the emails I receive from franchise's from all over the world and other interested parties. Most express concern with how franchises are treated by franchiser organizations. It is no joke but the rights of franchise's are about the same as serfs back in the middle ages.

My last post referred to a letter sent by DAI's, Subway, legal department and advised that my Blog was in infringing of DAI's rights and I should immediately delete all offending material and cease publishing this site.

Well, I'm still here and still publishing. I removed one article which made reference to material which is in the hands of anyone who cares to know. It referred to Subway's very ambitious strategic plan. I also asked that DAI provide me with a list of specific articles which were causing them concern. I never received this and have not heard from them since.

Why would Subway want to go to such extremes to shut down a legitimate blog which does not do anything but collect, and republish, internet material and comments from personal experience in the Subway system over 15 years?

Do you know that legal suggested that I should contain my comments of dissatisfaction of nosebag member only web pages and the Ombudman department. There are two very good reasons why this is not an option:

1. No one reads the nosebag (North America Association of Subway franchise's) web post.
2. The Ombudman department is not independent and, from personal experience, not impartial.

Well that is all for today,

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