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Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Here we are in June! How quickly time flies when we are having fun.

I came across this intersting article from a Legal Symposium on Franchisee Associations, comments also from Subway's legal council. Discussion is mainly about franchisee associations. The article give a view into the thinking of some at corporate HQ. The file is a PDF document.

Then there is this link to TurboChef Technologies. It begs the question: Did anyone at DAI, IPC or NAASF benefit from inside knowledge? Very depressing to contemplate but do you not think someone would be tempted to buy some stock in this company? If not personally then through friends or family members.

We are having over 300 people visiting this site each month. They also spend a substantial amount of time reading the articles.

If you find these posts and links interesting, please email the link to your fellow franchisees.

More posts to follow - check back regularly.

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